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Siu Nami,shgsuinami

In the year 1732, Siu Nami embarked on a treacherous voyage aboard a sailing junk, venturing into perilous waters. The objective at hand, capturing the malevolent demon Yaoguai known as Zhiaciann, was of utmost importance, outweighing any risk. After three years of relentless pursuit, Xiaohui Siu had finally imprisoned Zhiaciann within a secure chest, and now, regardless of the worsening weather, it was time to cast him into the unfathomable depths of the sea.
Siu had assumed the role of village Wu, a shaman, only a few months prior, but her extraordinary talents and guidance from her mentor, Liang Tingzhe, quickly revealed that the village was under attack by an evil Yaoguai. Unraveling the mystery and finding a solution were separate challenges altogether. Siu realized that in order to capture the Yaoguai, she needed to ascertain his true name—a formidable task even for the most skilled shaman. Through diligent research, honed skills, and clever tactics, Siu eventually succeeded in capturing Zhiaciann.
And now, their plan was to trap him at the ocean’s floor.
As the storm intensified, the small junk quivered with each fierce wave crashing against its hull. Though the vessel represented the village’s best, manned by their bravest and most skilled sailors, the impending doom was palpable when a colossal wall of water loomed over them. Crashing down upon the ship, the wave brought widespread destruction, scattering remnants of men, boat, and sails in its wake. The ship, its occupants, and the chest plunged to the depths below.
Years later, a French expedition exploring the South China Sea stumbled upon the wreckage of an ancient vessel. Amidst the debris, they made an astonishing discovery—a perfectly preserved wooden chest resting on the seabed. With unwitting ignorance, they inadvertently set Zhiaciann free.
Mazu, the sea goddess, returned Siu’s spirit as a Shui gui, a water ghost, in her quest to recapture Zhiaciann. The search for the escaped demon has begun, and Siu now seeks assistance in her perilous mission.

Siu Nami,shgsuinami
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