Usurp The King

The King may be in trouble. The court that surrounds him contains subjects who seek power. Each player represents a family that will vie for control over subjects. Featuring seven victory conditions the path to victory may shift as you gain more information about each subject’s motives and those of the other families. Your allegiances will twist and change based on your interests. The subjects are but pawns.

Type: Card Game
Playing Time: 15-20 minutes
Number Of Players: 2-5
Age: 13+
Release Date: Fall 2020


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Place influence around the court. Exerting your power over the court members you wish to control and planting the seeds for what is about to come.


Use your revealed Leverage cards to bribe, conspire, stab, poison, and shift alliances.


Determine which Court Member becomes King. The family with control is victorious.

  • Bishop

  • Alchemist

Usurp the King has a hierarchy of seven victory conditions. To win as the heir you will need to eliminate (or make sure that someone else does) two other victory conditions (The Usurper’s and the King’s). 

The Bastard and the King may both be working towards eliminating the Usurper victory but they are in no way actually working TOGETHER!

Each player will choose to play 6 of the 10 leverage cards they hold in their hand. All players have the same cards. You start on even footing with your adversaries.