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AFFLICTION: Salem 1692

“Every so often we come across a game that really stands out to us, not because of wood or plastic but because the game is so different, so driven, so thematic that it haunts our gaming dreams and must be talked about! Today that game is Affliction: Salem 1692. Witch hunts, blood feuds and vengeance from the past are just some aspects of this historic game.”MFG Cast (


“While the social deduction market may feel oversaturated, DPH Games do something really special to stand out here. Too many social deduction games are shallow at their core and revolve around a very simple mechanic. This is great for casual players, but it can run dry quickly for those looking for a little more meat.”   podonnell Dec 2018


Agent 299 is a portable, small, fast game. Easy to learn this game will gradually reveal more information as you play.
Interrogate other agents and and trade information. Try use powerful low point cards to maneuver your cards for maximum points


a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior

“Dan Hundycz has developed a fun, ‘programmed-turn’ card game that is approachable by anyone who enjoys games… and cats… and eating birds once they’ve been properly batted around and played with for bigger points.” – Curt Covert Smirk & Dagger Games 

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Psychological Warfare

“I do happen to be a psychology major. The major psychological theories and theorists are represented in this game; and for that I reason I just loved it. It was nice to have fun and laugh over topics I was stressing over all semester in class. People told me my psych major wouldn’t be applicable in the real world, but they were wrong! This game proves it.” Taeter on BGG 

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Cache Me If You Can! The Geocaching Card Game

“So, we bought the card game cache me if you can at Berkshire geobash. Let’s just say we stayed up until 3 am playing. it’s so addicting lol and we’re gonna buy another set to double the fun. Thanks so much for yet again another great game!” – Beth Pelkey

“We bought the board game and loved it so much we bought every expansion, variation, and upgrade available. Then this card game came along. It was fun and addicting for me and my family! The press your luck card game was very different from the board game, and we could set up and play an entire game in literally a few minutes if we wanted! Now we play the board game when we want a game that takes a little more time, and we play the card game when we want a quick fix. It’s perfect! ” – Brian Klinger

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In Yokai Hunters, you use the five Chinese elements (wood, water, earth, metal, and fire) to capture Yokai. Players take turns swapping tokens on a 5×5 grid in an attempt to match patterns of three available Yokai. Yokai have various point values based on the number of matching elements required to complete the pattern.


A family friendly game where players will pass cards, play off cards in the middle while trying to match cards cards in their hand by color or theme. All the while keeping an eye out to avoid mother nature. 3 to 8 players ages 6 and up. 15 to 30 minute games.


Unemployment is high. European oversight is sparse. Merchant vessels are transporting lucrative goods through the Caribbean. The conditions are set for the Golden Age of Piracy. Given few options, many chose a life of plunder and strife. But alas, life aboard a sailing ship is anything but easy. Cramped quarters, storms, rats and infested food, most will be lucky to survive. A few may even find fortune. Be skilled and your name may live on in history.


Start your career as a model by working in your home town, building contacts, doing Brand Ambassador work, improving your social media. Save up enough money and build your popularity to head off to Los Angeles.

Your goal is to be the first to either walk the runway in Paris, Milan, or make it to the cover of Saveur Fair Magazine.

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