Rising Storm: The Starborne

Type: Card Game
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Number Of Players: 2-4
Age: 14+
Release Date: 2023


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Based on the works of author Patrick Thomas and his series of stories about the 142nd Starborne. This is a Sci-Fi themed hand-building* card game played over 3 challenges. Each player assumes the role of a faction in a futuristic society where the use of their military and civilian abilities allowing them to increase their overall power on the planet.
Each player will play 4 cards per challenge in turn order. Cards will counteract, capture, overpower, or set up other cards played. Points are earned by winning challenges, capturing enemy cards, and earning credits. 

*Hand-building differs from deck building in that the cards you gain through the open draft are placed in your hand and will be immediately available for use. Cards roll over from round to round.

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Rising Storm: The Starborne 9s played over 3 Rounds. Each round consists of 3 Challenges. Players will score points based on the number of Challenges they have won, the number of credits they have collected, and the power of the cards they have Confiscated.

During each challenge, each player plays four cards in turn order. With this style, you can set up the play of one card with the card you choose to play first.

Be careful. Diplomats can nullify the value of military units, hackers can steal your credits, and Special Ops can capture your civilians.

1 – Player Board

2- Player Turn Order tokens

3- Each player is dealt 5 cards at the start of the game. Extra cards roll over to the next round

4- A market is created and each player drafts three cards.

5- A total of four cards are played by each player in turn order. 

RULES - Quick and dirty


“This overall is an excellent game. It’s a lot of fun. It’s very straight forward, it’s very streamlined, and you’ll want to play again after you’ve played it . As you understand it you’ll get better at it.”

The Unfiltered Gamer

DPH games has brought to the table a new card placement game which balances drafting and card placement into a unique combination that will challenge even the most seasoned strategists. What makes it even better is that new players can join in the fun, for their inexperience can offset the best-laid plans of even the best master strategist.”
Christopher Smithmyer (NRN) Full Article
“The rules are not difficult at all… you’re going to have the ability to play this at home with people that would normally not play board or card games. I think you will see this in a lot of places like board game cafes and board game libraries.”
Carl King (Everything Board Games Magazine) Final thoughts at 12:43
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