Rising Storm

The box art pictured above is a placeholder for original art that will eventually be completed.

A Sci fi trick taking game that is currently in development.


The game is played over 3 Rounds. Each round consists of 3 Challenges. Credits and Confiscated cards are not discarded after each challenge but are at the beginning of each round. Players will score points based on the number of Challenges they have won, the amount of credits they have collected and the power of the card they have Confiscated.

During each challenge, each player will play two cards (four cards in a two-player game) in turn order.

At the end of each round scores are tallied, cards are collected and reshuffled, and players reset their Credit count to two. At the beginning of each round a new Objective card is revealed for the current round (ie. a card from the Objective card 2 is revealed at the start of round 2).

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