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The Establishment: Inner Workings of a Secret Cabal

Type: Card Game
Playing Time: 60 minutes
Number Of Players: 3-5
Age: 13+
Release Date: September 2024


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This is a card-based, GMless role playing game. You play as a member of a secret group whose goal is to control humanity. Using influencers in society under your sway and making deals with other players, you choose a path during pivotal points in the story.The setting is in the near future. Humans have colonized other planets that have earned their independence form Earth. You have settled on Ceres, a protoplanet in the Main Asteroid Belt, and lead one of the many factions found there: The Taxi Union, The Equity Front, The Galactic Artists Inc. The Descendants, or the Ceres Institute of Technology. Shape the fate of the Belt and lead it to greatness or to its destruction.


“This game is fun and it is also unique. It shows the dirty side of politics without wading into any political debates of the modern world. This is a masterstroke by the team at DPH games”.

Dr. Christopher Smithmyer

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