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Metronome,shgmetronomeSimon Steele is an associate professor of Archaeology at Stanford University with an interest in Archaeo-acoustics. Born the only son of a wealthy family. He invested well and has no need for the income the occasional class provides. Teaching is something Simon does because it gives him a forum to share the knowledge that he has acquired in his travels and study.

Simon’s latest trip took him to Greece to study The Great Theatre of Epidaurus. One of the most beautiful and well-preserved ancient theater. While visiting the nearby Mycenaean Sanctuary, Simon I approached by a well-dressed woman in her 30s. “Are you Simon Steele?” Simon doesn’t recognize her but replies in the affirmative, while noticing a badge with the name Alice Whilhelm.

You don’t know it yet, but you are going to be a very important person to the survival of the human race”. Alice smiled, “But don’t worry, I will help you. I have travelled back in time to give you this vest and these glasses. When I have a message for you, the glass will change colors. The vest will give you some limited time manipulation abilities. I will be sending messages to you back through time to help guide you in what you need to do. Any questions?”

“Yeah, I have a lot of them?”

“Sorry, no time to chat. Gotta go.” And in a split second, Alice was gone.

Simon was uncertain of whom this time traveler was and what her goals were. Would he actually, be helping or destroying the future by his actions? There was only one way to tell… he would start to see each mission through in an attempt to determine where it was leading.

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