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Gayle Force,shgforce

Gayle is the daughter of Aeolus, the god of wind. For most of her life she was unaware of this. She was raised by Eileen Ashlin an unassuming hospital nurse who emigrated from Greece and spent most of her days in Canmore, Alberta. Gayle had a normal childhood, but never quite fit in with the other children. She preferred to be alone, was drawn to the mountains around Canmore and loved the outdoors no matter the weather.
As a teen she was angry and a storm brewed outside. Walking away from her mother in a fit, the storm seemed to grow along with Gayle’s anger. As she screamed in frustration she was struck by a bolt of lightning. Surprisingly, it had no effect on her. ¬†Gayle starts experiencing unusual abilities related to wind and weather manipulation. At first, she struggles to control her powers, inadvertently causing chaotic weather patterns. With the help of her mother, she learns to harness and control her abilities over time. She never knew who her father was and eventually her mother was forced to explain.
Her father, Aeolus, is the son of Poseidon, and he had a twin brother, Boeothus who was jealous. Boeothus has locked Aeolus away and Gayle is determined to free him.
Gayle embarks on a heroic quest to rescue her father from the clutches of her jealous uncle, Boeothus. Along her journey, Gayle embraces her role as a superhero, taking on the name “Gayle Force” as a symbol of her connection to both her mother and her divine lineage. She becomes a beacon of hope, protecting both mortals and mythological beings from the destructive forces of nature and those who seek to abuse them.

Gayle Force,shgforce
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