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As we continue on with the development of “On the Edge of Time”, I wanted to take a few moments to discuss why we would create a cooperative game and the benefits of playing cooperative games. Additionally, OTEOT should have a 1 player verses all mode, just to add some spice. 

So, why play cooperative games?

The most important piece to me is that cooperative games require players to work together towards a common goal, encouraging effective communication and collaboration. Players must discuss strategies, share information, and make decisions collectively, fostering teamwork and enhancing social dynamics.

Unlike competitive games, where players often strive to outperform each other, cooperative games promote a sense of camaraderie. Players share a collective win or loss, creating a cooperative atmosphere rather than a cutthroat one. This can be particularly appealing for players who prefer a more inclusive and less adversarial gaming experience.

This type of game typically presents players with complex challenges and obstacles that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By working together, players can brainstorm solutions, evaluate different approaches, and adapt their strategies based on the evolving game state. This can enhance analytical thinking and decision-making abilities.

Cooperative games frequently feature immersive themes and narratives that draw players into the game world. Players become part of a team working towards a common objective, which can lead to heightened engagement and a sense of shared adventure. Cooperative games also tend to foster emotional investment, as players feel a collective sense of triumph when they overcome challenges together.

On the Edge of Time is a bit “heavier” than most of our games. The advantage of it being cooperative is it allows more experienced players to assist newer board gamers with how to navigate such a game.  This exposure may create a deeper interest in board gaming. As always, my personal interest is in getting people together around the table to have a good time. It is the ultimate goal of OTEOT and of all our games.



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