Madoshi: Priests of the Sun and Moon

The land itself—the rocks, trees, mountains, and rivers—are infused with latent magical energy. This energy needs only a focus to give it life. The Sun and the moon struggle with each other to give these Mononoke life.

Type: Tabletop Game
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Number Of Players: 1-2
Age: 8+
Release Date: Fall 2020

MADOSHI Priests of the Sun and Moon

The sun rises and grows in power, while her influence is strong she manipulates the elements of nature to create Yokai to do her bidding. As the day grows long, she weakens and soon sees that she is not alone.
Surging with the darkness is the Moon, who also has plans to use the spirits and ghosts on this plane. The battle will rage on. As the sun and moon pivot for advantage. The struggle is an eternal one.

Players will assume the role of the Sun and the Moon taking turns to capture Yokai. 

Play occurs on a 5×5 grid with players swapping one token to create a pattern of elements matching that on the available Yokai cards. More power is gained with matches in the source element. After capture, there is a release of magical energy and the field of battle will change as a result. Voids are created, wild magic appears, or the universe could shift.

Three levels of Yokai cards are placed next to the game board, and when one of the decks has been depleted, the game ends. Whoever earns the most points wins.


23 Yokai cards

2 Player cards (Sun and Moon)

2 Reference cards

25 Element Tokens (Natural wood with heat transferred images)

1 Game Board (Neoprene)

1 Rules Sheet

Game Setup

Swap 2 tokens

The Yellow player may swap any 2 tokens on the board (with the exception of Voids and Wilds).

This player chooses to swap the Wood token with the Earth token.

Declare the matching pattern

The Yellow player has created a match with Chimi (top card in this illustration).

Collect card and Cast Magic
The player collects the card. Since it was matched with the Source Element (in this case Wood), the card is placed on the left side of the scoring card and is worth 2 points.

Also, this player MUST perform the Magic listed at the bottom of the card. In this case, the Yellow player flips an Earth token. It is now a Void.

The Green player will take a turn next and will use the same board but from the opposite perspective.