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The Psychology of Board Game Design (Some of it anyway)

The Psychology of Board Game Design The Psychology of Board Games has been studied for over one hundred years. Most of that research focused on why we play and how we play. It hasn’t been until relatively recent times that investigations in psychology have been applied to the design of tabletop games. Let’s face it […]

What ever happened to LEGACY AT SEA?

LEGACY AT SEA We are slotting LAS for 2018. There are a couple of reasons that this has taken so long. Back Burner: The major obstacle in getting this game made was the inclusion of plastic miniature ships. The expense of creating the mold would have been 1/4 of the entire expense of the first […]

Creating a Game: Where to Begin?

Creating a Game So, you have had  this idea. You think it’s cool and will make a unique board or card game. What do you do? I hear these questions every once and awhile from new developers and the answer varies from designer to designer. I can only speak from my experience. WRITE IT DOWN […]

Tips for Creating Inexpensive Tabletop Beta Testing Items

Tips for Creating Inexpensive Tabletop One of the challenges of developing a game is coming up with inexpensive and fast ways to create and have descent game components. Use what you have. This may seem obvious, but it deserves to be mentioned. If you need wooden blocks, why not raid that old Risk game. Gold […]

3 Things to Avoid in Game Design

Things to Avoid in Game Design 1. Don’t remove components early on to save on cost. Yes, you want a streamlined game and you should keep that in mind throughout the development process. And yes, you want to keep costs down, but don’t skimp, especially early on. Your game is going to evolve and change […]

3 Things You Should Do When Creating A Tabletop Game

Things to Do When Creating A Tabletop Game So, you want to design a game? Well, you should! The expectation is that tabletop gaming sales will double in the next 5 years and they have been steadily increasing over the last few. Not, that it’s a reason to develop a game, just an illustration of the […]