Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching


VICTORY CONDITIONS Take the 4 two-sided Zombie tiles from the deck. Place the 1 Zombie side face up on each of the two corners furthest from the town board on each of the Caching Area boards (for increased difficulty, place the 3 Zombies side face up). The Zombie Movement Token is given to the player that moves first. Place the Zombie Expansion Pack Equip Cards in their own pile. All other cards are mixed in with the original decks. The rest of the setup is unchanged.

The victory conditions are the same as the original game except that 1 point is awarded for each Zombie destroyed. The Zombie tile is placed in front of the player that destroyed it. If the card is lost, so are the points.

A PLAYER ZOMBIE wins the game ONLY if they have the most points, every player becomes a Player Zombie AND they are not the last player to become a Zombie.

HOUSE RULES: Don’t have time? For a shorter game play to 12 points! Want to play longer? 21


[NOTICE!] The first time a player lands on the Geocaching Mega Event they take a Geocoin, Event Card and two cards from the Zombie Equip Deck.

Only Original Equip Deck cards may be taken while in the Sporting Goods Store.

SWAG Store – May only trade an Equip Card for a discard Equip Card of same deck type.

On all other events where a player can draw an Equip Card, they may select from either deck.


Ammo and Gas Can Tiles are treated as an Equip Card.

Ammo and Gas Can Tiles may be taken from the game board without a Pen/GPS.

Players can “Muggle” Tiles under Zombies, but they cannot “Muggle” the Zombie Tiles.

The Clearing Bonus card can only be used on the caching area tiles that are not Zombies.

The Pistol, Shotgun and the Rifle each start with one bullet “Ammo”. This does not apply to cards taken from the discard pile, but does apply to the first time a player flips their card to one of these weapons. This initial bullet may be used in combination with Ammo cards.

The Pistol, Shotgun, and the Rifle can be used as a melee weapon after firing and destroy one Zombie, discard after using in this manner.


The Zombies will begin to move once a Human Player enters the Caching Area board they are on. Once activated the Zombies will continue to move for the rest of the game across all boards until destroyed. Each player takes their turn to move and then any revealed Zombies move. Zombies move 1 space per turn. Only fast Zombies may move diagonally.

The Player/Player Zombie with the Token is responsible for moving the Zombies pieces. After each player has taken a turn AND moved Zombies, the Zombie Token is passed to the next player.

Zombies move in the direction that takes them towards the closest player. When they are on a diagonal, where there are buildings, or when pinned along the side of the town the player moving the Zombies chooses which direction brings the Zombies closer to the closest player. Zombies can “slide” along the side of the town board to get to the trail head if the closest human player is in the Town or on the other caching area board.

If there are two players that are the same distance away from a Zombie, the Zombie will head towards the player that has the highest sound rating. Sound is determined by the number of Equip Cards they hold. On a tie, the Zombie moving player decides.

Zombies are not aware of humans inside buildings. If there are no humans outside, the Zombies do not move.

Zombies move and any unrevealed tile they land on becomes revealed with the following results:

If it is another Zombie, it will immediately move towards the closest player (If all humans are inside a building, the Zombie(s) don’t move).

If it is the Cliff, Bridge Out, or Land Mine tile, the Zombie(s) will be destroyed and are placed in the discard pile.

If it is the Fence, the Zombies are entangled. They may not attack or move.

If it is any other tile, its effects are ignored and is left face up (or replaced if it states “replace when revealed”).

Zombies may only enter the Town board through the trail heads. They may NOT enter any of the Stores or the Hospital. They can move into the Geocaching Mega Event area and the squares that have “Cache Me If You Can!” written on them. Players may “run past” a Zombie. But they must fight if they end their turn on the same space.


Combat occurs when revealing on Zombie or engaging one that is already revealed. The number of Zombies that a player can defeat in any given battle is dictated by the weapons and ammunition that they are carrying. Weapons may not be used on Human Players or animals.

Players carry as many weapons as they would like. They may use one 2 handed weapon or two 1 handed weapons in one turn.

They may only attack Zombies in one square during their turn (Except the Flamethrower).

Attacks may not occur through the walls of any town building. They may through the Cabin walls/windows.

A Player may attack a Zombie and move OR move and attack a Zombie. They may not move, attack, and move again.

If the Zombie(s) land on a player’s space during the Zombie movement phase, the player becomes a Player Zombie.


Upon becoming a Player Zombie:

Continue play in the space where you became one.

All collected Zombie tiles are discarded and all points are lost for Zombie kills.

Discard any Poison Ivy tile(s), you are unaffected by Poison Ivy.

Other Zombies will not pursue or attack a Player Zombie.  Player Zombies may not attack other Player Zombies or Zombies.

Player Zombies can still use their equipment, collect caches and use their character’s abilities.

They may choose what space to move to. They move up to 2 spaces at a time on the trails (3 with Sneakers, 4 with the Bicycle). If a Player was previously “amputated” reduce the above by 1. Player Zombies may not enter the Town Buildings.

The Player Zombie moves during their regular turn, not during the Zombie movement phase.

When attacked by a human player with other Zombies in the Player Zombie’s space, the human player must be able to eliminate ALL of the Zombies in that space, counting the Player Zombie(s) as a Zombie.

Receive 1 victory point for each Ammo/Gas Can tile or Ammo card collected.


If the Player Zombie hits a Mine, Cliff, or Bridge Out tile, they discard their highest point Cache (or Ammo tile if they have no caches) and place their piece in the Moonrise Coffee Cafe at the beginning of their next turn.

They do not get stuck on fences, they treat them like a regular player would.

The Sound Beacon does not affect the Player Zombie and can be destroyed with a crowbar, machete, hatchet, baseball bat or axe.

Beehive, Cave, Cold Weather, Hot Sun, Poison Ivy, Nasty Pricker Bushes, and Snakes have no effect and remain in place when revealed.

Zombies are revealed and don’t move until the Zombie movement phase.

All other tiles function normally.


If a player with a weapon lands on a Player Zombie the Player Zombie is defeated and will begin their next turn in the woods, 3 or more spaces from any other player. Conversely, if the Player Zombie lands on a player, the player is defeated and becomes a Player Zombie on their next turn. In both cases, the winner takes a Cache, Geocoin, or Equip Card (ignore the effects of the Magnet and Safe) from the loser of the combat. A player with Poison Ivy may still attack a Zombie Player.


To determine target distance for Scoped Rifle, Blood and Guts, Binoculars and the Sound Beacon count two spaces not including diagonals. Distance from a Zombie is calculated in the same manner (Player A and B on the chart on page one are the same distance from Zombie1). Adjacent spaces are non-diagonal.


  1. ALL Zombies move (Zombie Movement Phase Only).
  2. Face up Caching Area Tile Effects (“Lose Turn” occurs immediately and lasts until the end of the next turn.)
  3. Player ability (ie Coin Collector Steals Coin)
  4. Poison Ivy Effects
  5. Attacks
  6. Face down Caching Area Tile flipped and its effects take place on the Player/Player Zombie landing on it.


If all other players are Zombies and the remaining human player ends 4 consecutive turns in the Swag Store, the Hospital Exit, or the Sporting Goods Store Check Out (with the intent of avoiding Zombies), the PLAYER ZOMBIE with the highest point total wins the game.


RULE REVISION – If a player with a weapon lands on a Player Zombie the Player Zombie is defeated and will begin their next turn in the woods, at least 3 spaces from any other player.

Can I trade Ammo for the top Equip Card in the discard pile if I am on a space that allows me to trade an Equip Card?    Yes. Ammo and Gas Can Tiles are treated as Equip Cards.

Do I have to move if the arrow points me along in the Store and the Hospital?   Yes, unless it is an exit space. Players may wait on the exit space as long as they need to (Stalemate rules apply).

I shoot a Zombie with my Scoped Rifle (which says I can only destroy 1 Zombie) with Explosive Ammo. What happens?   All the Zombies in the space are destroyed. The Explosive Ammo is the exception to regular Ammo effects.

What if there are no single Zombie cards in a stack? Can I still shoot them with the Scoped Rifle?  No, you can only eliminate Zombies if you have equal or greater ammo/damage to take them out.

I land on a face up Zombie and destroy it, I then flip over the tile it was on top of and it is another Zombie, do I destroy that one too?  Yes, they are two separate attacks, as long as you have enough weaponry, you destroy both.

As far as melee weapons – can you shoot your ammo pistol/shotgun/whatever AND then bash them with the weapon (thus discarding the card) to take out 2 zombies?  Yes.


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Set up the starting Zombies in the furthest corner from the town board