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3 Things to Avoid in Game Design

1. Don’t remove components early on to save on cost. Yes, you want a streamlined game and you should keep that in mind throughout the development process. And yes, you want to keep costs down, but don’t skimp, especially early on. Your game is going to evolve and change through the playtesting and development phase. You will receive a ton of feedback and ideas of how things can be done. But just like artwork, this should be one of the last steps. (artwork should be the LAST step – although you may want to use clipart when testing with people
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3 Things You Should Do When Creating A Tabletop Game

So, you want to design a game? Well, you should! The expectation is that tabletop gaming sales will double in the next 5 years and they have been steadily increasing over the last few. Not, that it’s a reason to develop a game, just an illustration of the growing popularity of games in the U.S. There are really two ways to approach game creation.
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