SETUP: The Superhero Event Cards are mixed in to the original decks. Superhero Equip Cards are placed in their own pile. Each player takes a turn placing a Pod (White tokens) on top of the Cache Tiles on the Woods Boards until all 6 are placed (3 on each board), each player takes a Superhero Character card at random (instead of a regular Geocaching Character), and Superhero Equip Cards (4 cards each in a 2 player game, 3 each for 3 players and 2 each for 4 players). The rest of the game setup is the same as the original. *Don’t place starting Zombies in the corners.


Cache Tiles – The Punchboard Rectangles that are placed on the Woods Boards.

Villains – Supervillains and Thuggles are considered villains.

Woods Board – The two boards with the trees and trails.

Apephace’s Stash – When Caches are destroyed by the Villains they are placed in this discard pile.

Non-Building Space – Any board space that is not in the Big Store, Swag Store, the Hospital or the Café.

Pod or Teleportation Pod – Small round white tokens where Villains will appear when triggered.


  • Same as in the original game (choose to use basic or advanced victory conditions). OR
  • If all of the Villain Tokens have been captured; the Superhero with the most points win. OR
  • If 10 Cache Tiles are in the discarded into Dr. Apephace’s Stash, Dr. Apephace wins and ALL Superheroes lose.
    • That player places a Villain token on the pod that is furthest away from their player piece. Cards beneath the pods are not revealed upon placing Villain.
    • After the last player moves, players will move all Villains on the board one space. Villains move towards caches or explore while trying to move away from Superheroes. If it is unclear where the Villain should move, the last player will make the decision. Villains may share a space.
    • When a Villain lands on an unrevealed tile, they reveal it. If it is a cache that is not under a pod, it is placed in Dr.Apephace’s Stash and the tile is replaced with a face down Cache Tile. If it is a cliff (or Land Mines), the Villain is removed from the board (not captured). If it is a Pond, Bridge Out, or Fence, they return to their previous space on the next turn. All other tiles are ignored; leave tiles that say “Replace when revealed” in place.

THE CAVE: is Dr. Apephace’s hideout, players do not go to the hospital. This will act as an additional pod where villains can appear. The Cave cannot be destroyed or moved (unless it is with the Air Strike Card).

SUPERHERO EQUIPMENT CARDS: Players draw a card when they take a Traditional, Combo, or Pad Lock Cache from the board. When a card directs you to take an Equip card, it may be taken from any pile.  Superhero Equip cards have their own discard pile are not drawn when landing on “Take an Equip Card” or “Take the top Equip Card from the Discard Pile” spaces in the Store. If the deck runs out, it is not reshuffled. Equip cards may be used at the appropriate time (even when it’s not your turn). Event Cards can be played at any point during a turn without affecting play order.

APEPHACE PODS (White tokens): Caches [*“Find Equipment” and “Ammo”]under Pods can only be taken by Flex or with special equipment. If a player or a Villain reveals a Cliff card under a Pod, the Pod is destroyed.

VILLAIN TOKENS:  When a player takes a completed cache (not part of a Multi) from the board a Villain appears.






* Villains move before Zombies. Zombies will move towards the closet human OR Villain. If a Villain is in the same space as a Zombie, the Zombie is destroyed, Zombie Players will engage in combat with a Villain.


When counting squares, do not count on the diagonals. In the illustration to the right the Villain is 4 spaces away from the Superhero (SH).

POISON IVY: Superheroes that have Poison Ivy use one less card during combat. Discard a card at random. If Superpowers are swapped, the Poison Ivy stays with the Player, not the superpower.

COMBAT WITH SUPER VILLANS/THUGGLES: (The player to your right plays cards for the Supervillain)

  • Players may fight Villains when they end or start their turn next to one. When next to or on more than one Villain, battle one Villain at a time.
  • The Villain cannot block a Superhero attack: The Villain token is put on the Superhero Character card. No victory points are awarded until the Villains are turned over to the Police by passing through the Moonrise Café Space. Once this is done, remove them from your character card and place them with your collected caches (2 victory points for each Supervillain and 1 for a Thuggle). *Superheroes cannot capture Zombies.
  • All cards played with no result: The Villain is free to move during its movement phase. Villains will not attack Superheroes (they are more interested in destroying caches). Keep the combat cards for each Villain until he or she is captured.
  • The Superhero cannot block a Supervillain attack: The Superhero will go to the Hospital Emergency Room AND all Thuggles and Supervillains on the Superhero Character card (if there are any) are placed on the space where the Superhero was standing before going to the Hospital.  Zombie Players that lose return in the Moonrise Café.

If the revealed Villain Token is a Supervillain, randomly draw 4 combat cards from the Villains Combat card deck (If there are not enough cards available, the Villain gets away and returns to Apephace – remove the token from play).

The Superhero attacks first. Play a combat card from one of the 4 assigned to your superhero. Choose a color (Red=Physical, Blue=Energy, Yellow=Mental, White=Sensory) to play. If the Supervillain can play the same color, then the attack has been thwarted. The Supervillain will then choose an attack card to play on the Superhero, again, if the Superhero can match the color card, the attack is blocked. The Superhero and Supervillain will each make two attacks per round. Players or Supervillains with extra cards do not get an extra attack, they just have more choices. If a combatant has less than 4 cards, they cannot defend against the second attack.

If the Villain Token is a Thuggle, randomly draw 2 combat cards from the Villains Combat deck. The Superhero will get two attacks to capture the Thuggle. The Thuggle has no attacks, only 2 attempts at defense.

Combat Results


  • Move Player (Event cards can be played anytime during this sequence).
  • Face up Caching Area Card Effects(“Lose Turn” occurs immediately and lasts until the end of the next turn.

Must have Pen/GPS even if Superpower allows them to take a Cache without Equipment)

  • *Attacks on Zombies & Zombie Players
  • The face down Caching Area Card is revealed and its effects take place. (If it is a lose turn tile, no combat takes place.)
  • Combat Villains

* Applicable when using in conjunction with the Zombie Expansion pack (Airstrike destroys PODS, land mines do not).

PLAYING AS DR. APEPHACE (the optional 5th player)

This is a great way to teach people how to play (or if you just feel like being evil).

  • Draw a Superhero card and you and your villains may use those abilities.
  • Start the Game with 3 Event Cards. You may play Event Cards on your Villains or Players at any time. You do not HAVE TO play “Use Immediately” Cards immediately.
  • You always play the Supervillain’s combat cards.
  • Each turn where there is not a Villain in play, you may peek at 1 unrevealed tile.
  • You always chose where to place Villains and you may move the Villains in any direction you would like.
  • When Villains land on Take Event Cards, you take one.
  • When Villains destroy a cache with a Geocoin, you can either take an Event or Equip card.
  • You may only use any piece of Equipment ONLY once. Once you have used it, you discard it.

Game Design: Carl Schopfer, Dan Hundycz       Artwork: Courtney Boulton, Dan Hundycz   Graphic Design: Gage Smith     Development: Marty DeMarte, Alana Smith-Brown, Gage Smith, Carman Coppola, Ariane Bolt      Superhero Geocaching rules copyright © 2014 by DPH Games. All art copyright © 2014 by DPH Games. All rights reserved. Version 1.0 (October, 2014).    Superhero Geocaching Trademark of DPH Games 2014.


Do villains take multicache parts?Yes, any collected “Cache Tile” counts…. they have disrupted the Multi.

If a villain still has cards at the end of a battle, you save them for the next attack, and the villain only uses those cards, or the villain gets back to 4 before they start the next battle?The villain gets to reuse ALL 4 cards that were originally drawn in every situation, if it is PSI that attacks that villain again, a card is randomly removed before combat with her.

When the Supervillain’s 4 cards are drawn, does the superhero player get to see all 4 cards before playing?
No. The second time they fight however, the superhero can try to remember what has just been played.

If a superhero has a villain captured and goes to the hospital NOT because of fighting a villain, does the villain get “dropped” wherever the superhero was, or does the superhero take the villain to the hospital?  The villain isn’t dropped. They only escape when a superhero has lost a battle.

We drew the supervillain draws an extra combat card Event Card. After battling, if there is a draw, do they keep all 5 cards or do they only keep 4 and the fifth is discarded and a new one is drawn?  They keep all 5.

When playing as the villain, the player can do whatever he wants (obviously). Can the player playing the villain card choose to play to lose to remove the villain from play? Or is that going against the spirit of the game?  The villain should always try to win. Some villains can not be defeated by certain superheros, another hero should be able to defeat the Supervillain, but they might need special equipment to do so.

I was playing against Siu Nami who moved to a Swamp as her move, which put her by a villain. I had a card that said I could trade spaces just before combat to battle the villain. Once I battle the villain, does the swamp affect me? Since they are swapping places right before combat, all of the tile effects have already happened (see order of play). So, in this case the swamp would not affect you.