Expansion Pack to Cache Me If You Can!

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Zzzzzzzzz…“Captain Cache… this is your old friend Dr. Apephace!

I am broadcasting this message over a frequency that only you can hear. Since you won’t let me have my fun, I have decided to take away your fun! I have built a device, a Cache-Crusher, which when operational, will destroy every unprotected Geocache in the world. I have released my Thuggles and their teleportation pods to prevent you from rescuing caches. Well, Captain, Cache me if you Can… HAHAHAHAHAH!”…. ZZZZZZZZ

Superhero Geocaching is a race against the clock. Villains keep appearing on the game board, destroying caches as they move. It is up to you to stop them… while you continue to Geocache… of course.  When next to a Villain you determine if they are aThuggle or a Supervillain and then the battle to capture them begins. You won’t receive points until you turn the captured villain or thuggle into the Police (who happen to be hanging out at the Coffee Shop).

Do you have what it takes to stop Dr. Apephace and to collect enough Geocaches and Geocoins to impress Captain Cache? There is only one way to find out!

Mid Game

Game Components

Combat with Superheroes


Combat is broken into 4 types of Attack/Defense: Physical, Energy, Mental and Sensory. Each Superhero has their own deck of cards that leans towards their specific abilities. For example; Flex will have mostly Strength based combat cards.

The Superhero Geocaching expansion pack is an add-on to Cache Me If You Can! The Geocaching Board Game. It will also work in conjunction with the Zombie APOCALYPSE GEOCACHING EXPANSION PACK.