1732 A.D. – The Junk was sailing in deeper and more dangerous waters than was sensible, but the Siu Nami Cardobjective was far too important for them not to risk the voyage. It took three years for Xiaohui Siu to capture the evil spirit of the demon (Yaoguai) Zhiaciann and the chance to drop him, locked in the secure chest, into the deep was not going to evade her. No matter how bad the weather.

Siu had only been the village Wu (shaman) for a few months when trouble started. Even though she was young, she was exceptionally talented and had an excellent teacher (Liang Tingzhe). It didn’t take Siu long to realize that the village was under an attack from an evil Yaoguai. However, figuring out what was happening and solving the problem are two entirely different things. In order to capture the Yaoguai, Siu had to learn his name. A daunting task for even the best shaman. With research, skill and cunning, she was eventually able to capture Zhiaciann.

And now, they were about to trap him at the bottom of the sea.

The storm worsened, the small Junk began to shudder with each wave that smashed against it. It was the best ship that the village could muster, sent with their bravest and most skilled men. Yet, each and every one of them knew they were doomed when they saw the wall of water towering over their ship. Crashing into the boat, the wave reaped destruction. Pieces of men, boat and sail were strewn in every direction. The ship, those on board and the chest all sank to the bottom of the sea.

Two years ago French expedition exploring the South China Sea came across the wreckage of an old ship. To their surprise they discovered a perfectly intact wooden chest resting of the bottom of the ocean. It was brought on board and carefully opened. Unwittingly, they had released Zhiaciann.

Mazu, the goddess of the sea, returned Siu’s spirt as a Shui gui (water ghost) to recapture Zhiacann. Her search for him has begun and she needs help.