The Fabulous Flex was born Fernando Valdez. In his adult life he is a Luchador, a masked wrestler Fabulous Flex Cardof Mexico. His mask was given to him by his father, Alberto, who received it from his father. The mask provides extra strength to its wearer. As such, Flex never lets it out of his sight.

Fernando’s natural abilities along with the added strength provided him by the mask combined to make him an extremely successful wrestler. With his growing success, Fernando’s younger brother Jesus, fell into the world of drugs while living in his brother’s shadow. The more successful Flex became, the more insignificant Jesus felt.  Celebrating Fernando’s victory in the Campeonato Nacional Completo he receives word that his brother has died of a drug overdose.


At the pinnacle of his professional career, Fernando’s personal life could not have gone much lower. Despondent as a result of his brother’s death, he was unable to wrestle and continually turned down matches to defend his title. His manager, Enrique Melendez, continued to increase the pressure for him to accept at least one of these challenges.


It was then he received a hand written note in his hotel room to meet an “informant” at Midnight in the hotel bar. He sat at the bar that night and at 12:05 she sat down next to him. “My name is Angelica (meaning Messenger) I need to tell you that your manager has been using some of your money to run drug trade in the city. Here are some photos, this should be all of the proof that you need.” With that, she disappeared into the crowd.


Fernando took the photos to the police and Enrique Melendez was arrested along with the dealer that had sold to Fernando’s brother. After a brief time in jail awaiting trial, they were released by the corrupt judicial system. Without a manager and with the drug cartel now after him. Flex came to the United States to start his wrestling career over. But the injustice of the events leading up to his departure never sat well with him. Ultimately, he wishes to return to his beloved Mexico and avenge his brother’s death.