-Your starting colonist is placed in your circle to begin the game. It is possible that all of the colonists in your circle can be arrested. However, you do continue to play.
– Mary Spencer Hill and Increase Mather have to be removed from the Colonist deck before you shuffle it and remove 6 cards.
– Quickstart sheet refers to tokens rather than messengers

– Once colonists are arrested, they may only be unarrested by Philip English and his ability (accusations and Spectral Evidence have no impact on this).
– You may not arrest colonists from other faction’s arrested collections.
– Tokens are removed from the arrested colonists and are put back into the supply.


– Take Influence – Take an influence token from another player’s influence token bank and add it to yours.
– Remove Influence – Take an influence token from another player’s influence token bank and add it to the general reserve.
– Influence tokens that Dr. Griggs places on Colonists are “Advocate” tokens and cannot be taken or removed.

Clock Icon – These ongoing abilities only occur when the colonist is in a players circle.
Afflicted Girls can place accusations on William Proctor when he is in the field of play, but not when he is in someone’s circle.

The only abilities that trigger when a card is not in a players circle are “when arrested” and the Sarah Good/Mary Black scapegoat ability.


Tituba’s ability works after ANY arrest.

Sarah Good / Mary Black

Sarah Good and Mary Black ability can be used with the following exceptions. If their card:
1. has the protection token
2. has been arrested
3. is still in the deck
4. has the Spectral Evidence token
5. is in YOUR circle and you are attempting to arrest a Prominent colonist.

Thomas Putnam
If you choose the first 2 accusation spots – place 2 instead of 1
If you select the later accusation location – place 3 instead of 2
If you have afflicted girls in your circle, place only 1 additional accusation even if you have multiple girls placing multiple accusations.
If you have Tituba and Thomas, she will place 2 after every arrest.

Dr. Griggs
The Advocate tokens placed on Dr. Griggs (use Influence tokens to represent this) do not increase the amount of Influence Dr. Griggs generates. If he has two Influence tokens on his card, he still generates 1 Influence. Technically, these tokens are no longer Influence (we didn’t want to print special tokens just for one character.

If a card has both Spectral Evidence and Protect placed on it, can that card be arrested? No, it cannot. Nothing defeats protection, only moving it will make the colonist susceptible to arrest.

When you resolve the Spectral Evidence space (or use Mercy Lewis’ ability), you may place the Spectral Evidence token on any colonist you chose. In effect, you are “moving” it from one colonist to another. This is also true of Protection.

4. You can recruit another colonist from another player’s circle, this is expensive (accusations and Spectral Evidence have no impact on this) and typically not worth it… but it can be done.