Type: Tabletop

Publisher: DPH Games

Design: Dan Hundycz

Development: Simon Reid, Amanda Shafer, Michael Steffens, Patrick Perl, Emily Hafler, Ryan Andryshak, Mike McLaughlin, CCC Gaming Guild, Jeremy Perl, James Epp.

Art: Donnie Ray Obina

MSRP: $19.95

Players: 5-8

Age: 10 and up

Playing Time: 45 – 60 Minutes

Release Date: Dec 2017

‘In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.” At 47°9′S 126°43′W in the southern Pacific Ocean, a point farthest from any land mass lies nothing more than the tangible substance of Earth’s supreme terror – the nightmarish city of R’lyeh. Trapped beyond the city’s cosmic gate the monstrous Cthulhu waits to break through. The gate is about to fail and release him upon the world. You cannot afford to let this happen. You and a team of investigators will search the ancient mythos to decipher the incantations that will create four magical sigils and seal the cosmic gate forever. But this task will not be easy. Hidden among your number, cultists secretly desire the thwart your plans. The cultists want nothing more than to undo your work and see Cthulhu rise from R’lyeh to terrorize humanity. To make matters worse, the doom clock has started ticking down. Time is short. Can you identify the cultists and seal the gate in time? This is your task at the gate of R’lyeh!

At the Gate of R’lyeh is a deduction game for 5 to 8 players. This is not another Resistance/Werewolf clone!

The clock is ticking.  The goal is to create 4 sigils and seal the failing gate, trapping Cthulhu in his prison forever. The Investigators have two enemies. The clock and cultists hidden among their numbers.


The game is played in rounds starting with the player holding the Cthulhu Idol and proceeding clockwise through the following phases.

  • Declaration of Target Sigil
  • Action Phase
  • Moving the Doom Marker

DECLARATION OF TARGET SIGIL At the beginning of the game or any turn immediately after an incantation was attempted, the “leader” will determine the Sigil the group will target. The target may not change the target until the next incantation.


Choose 1 of 5 actions during your turn.

  • CONTRIBUTE: Play 1  card into the incantation pool.
  • RESEARCH: Discard all cards then draw 3 cards (Draw 1 Insanity Card).
  • GAMBLE: Draw 2 cards. You must play one into the incantation pool immediately. Discard the other 1.
  • INVESTIGATE: Shuffle and look at all but 1 of the cards in the Incantation Pool. You MAY swap 1 card with 1 card from your hand (Draw 1 Insanity Card).
  • MAKE AN ACCUSATION: Accuse a player of being a cultist. Reveal Secret nature with a majority of votes (Draw 2 Insanity Cards).

The goal for the Investigators is to have 4 of the 7 cards played into the Incantation be of the target Sigil. Playing cards that are polar opposites are damaging to that goal and other cards are only slightly damaging.

When face-down cards in the incantation hit the trigger point, all cards are revealed and success or failure is determined.

If the Investigators fail to create 4 sigils by the stroke of midnight, all will be lost.


Many of the cards will be “None”, resulting in no loss of sanity. But sanity will be lost, eventually.

Here is a sample of many of the cards in the Mythos deck (Final art).


If things look bleak for the investigators, they can always decide to consult the Necronomicon. This is a dangerous and risky proposition, however. They may buy themselves some additional time, but failure will mean an immediate end to the world.