If another player plays Paranoia on me to take my mental energy, can I block it with a REACTION card, or is my Mental Energy gone because the player took it?The other player only takes your Mental Energy upon the successful completion of playing the SPECIAL card.Animted-Ad-Banner If you had the A.D.H.D card, you could spend 2 Mental Energy and prevent the other player from taking any of yours.

If I go to therapy and lose the Special Card Multiple Personality, do I lose my 2nd personality? No, the card says that you have the 2nd personality for the rest of the game, the only exception to this would be if someone played the Lobotomy card on you.

When I go to therapy, do I put my Defense Mechanisms, Baggage AND Phobia cards under my Archetype? Yes, your Mental Energy and the Cards in your hand and unaffected.

Do I HAVE to place my Defense Mechanisms? No, Defense Mechanisms MAY be placed when drawn or at the beginning of your turn… you can hold on to them until you get rid of a Phobia or some other such issue or you can turn them into Mental Energy.

The Outlaw lowers All other player’s scores in Power, but one of those players has Reaction Formation and changes it to Freedom on their card. Does the Outlaw gain a point in each category (Power and Freedom)? Yes. Each TURN that the Outlaw successfully lowers a category score, they gain a point in that category.



There is no one strategy that works best in Psychological Warfare and some of it will be based upon your personal preferences, but here are some basic guidelines:

1 – DON’T RACE TO GET TO 8. Often times you can win a category with less than 8 points. You only need to be tied or higher than everyone else. If you are in a brutal game where everyone is attacking each other. A 4 may be enough to win your primary category. Look around, see what is necessary and start working on your secondary and tertiary goals if you have room.

2 – DON’T HOLD ON. Don’t hold on to that “great card” that you just want to use for too many turns. Doing this will limit your choices and ability to act. If you aren’t doing anything, you aren’t winning!

3 – DON’T LET UP. This may sound contradictory to suggestion 1, but it is not. Don’t relax and think you have it won, the situation can change quickly. Keep applying the pressure or working on yourself.

4 – PLAY FOR THE LAST TURN.  Try to gauge how many turns are left. This is not always possible because a well-played Drama Queen card can dwindle the deck quickly. But generally, you can get a sense of how many turns are left. Make sure that you have the energy and appropriate cards for the end game. Often, it will come down to the last turn, so you will need to plan for it. There are some cards that are better suited for early game, don’t waste time with them near the end. Turning Multiple Personality and a number of Defense Mechanisms into Mental Energy might be a wiser choice.

5 – ACT OUT THE FLAVOR TEXT. OK, this has nothing to do with strategy, but it does make the game more fun if you play it up J .  Enjoy!