Psychological Warfare

Sick and tired of being nice to other people? Here is the perfect excuse to use the psychology you learned in college or from watching Dr. Phil!

Psychological Warfare is a strategic card game that is a balancing act. Just like real life, but a lot more fun and much more twisted.

How to Play


All games incorporate psychology, this one takes it head on. You will use Backhanded Compliments, Clever Insults, Paranoia, Stress and Phobias to manipulate scores in a direction that you choose. It has a twists and multiple tactics, counter-actions that keep the game fresh and replayable.


Your tactical decisions will be based upon balancing your:

– Mental Energy – Emotional Baggage – Attacks or Defense – High energy cards vs. Low-cost cards – Therapy

The flavor of the game is light, but the strategy is intense. You choose to lower another player’s score with a clever insult, they block that change with resiliency, but you overcome their resilience with persistence. All of these actions use Mental Energy… is that where you want to spend it?

What I really like about Psych Warfare is how well the mechanics match the theme and actions in the game.



“Psychological Warfare has been one of my best-selling games over the last year. There are so few games on the topic and it’s a game I enjoy playing.” Stephan Bonzo Owner of the Game Gamut in Pittsford, NY

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I originally learned about this game at the 2014 Running Gag Convention at SUNY Geneseo. LOVED IT back then and still love it now. It’s really a nice game that you don’t need too many people to enjoy and is really easy to catch onto. I ordered this game on May 30 and received it today (June 4) so it was really good delivery time (I live in the north bay area of CA). Sadly my box came with a dent/nick that pulled the top layer of the cardboard up 🙁 (Smaller boxes make that look more obvious) but it doesn’t have any effects aside from how it looks in my room.
UPDATE: I just got a new game in the mail today (June 9). You’re the best Dan! Not a scratch and oh so beautiful. 😀

By Taeter on May 21, 2015

This is a fun and challenging strategy card game! It’s a nice length (usually less than 30 minutes which is great because strategy games typically run longer). There’s 8 different archetypes (characters, if you will) so that alone means you can play the game a lot and still have it feel different each time.

I do happen to be a psychology major. The major psychological theories and theorists are represented in this game – and for that I reason I just loved it. It was nice to have fun and laugh over topics I was stressing over all semester in class. People told me my psych major wouldn’t be applicable in the real world, but they were wrong! This game proves it.
The attention to detail is apparent in the fun graphics on the cards. I especially appreciated that there was a QR code that gave me access to the instructions on my smartphone. Playing in a group (up to four can play – though I’ve noticed other people in the room are drawn over to simply watch the drama unfold!) this was really handy. We didn’t have to keep passing the instructions around. The game was a little hard to get the hang of at first, but it’s the complexity that keeps me coming back to it! Freud would have something to say about that.


I attend a lot of game groups in my area and get exposed to lots of games. This one is my go-to for a quick but fun strategy game. It’s one of those you can learn in minutes, but has extensive replayability and requires lots of adaptability, as players seek to drive you into neurosis or protect themselves with defense mechanisms. Highly recommended!