Superhero Geocaching

Do you have what it takes to stop Dr. Apephace and to collect enough Geocaches and Geocoins to impress Captain Cache? There is only one way to find out!

Type: Add On
Playing Time: 45 minutes
Number Of Players: 2-4
Age: 10+
Release Date: Discontinued

Zzzzzzzzz…“Captain Cache… this is your old friend Dr. Apephace!
I am broadcasting this message over a frequency that only you can hear. Since you won’t let me have my fun, I have decided to take away your fun! I have built a device, a Cache-Crusher, which when operational, will destroy every unprotected Geocache in the world. I have released my Thuggles and their teleportation pods to prevent you from rescuing caches. Well, Captain, Cache me if you Can… HAHAHAHAHAH!”…. ZZZZZZZZ

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Superhero Geocaching is a race against the clock. Villains keep appearing on the game board, destroying caches as they move. It is up to you to stop them… while you continue to Geocache… of course.  When next to a Villain you determine if they are aThuggle or a Supervillain and then the battle to capture them begins. You won’t receive points until you turn the captured villain or thuggle into the Police (who happen to be hanging out at the Coffee Shop).

Do you have what it takes to stop Dr. Apephace and to collect enough Geocaches and Geocoins to impress Captain Cache? There is only one way to find out!

Game Components

Game Components

Superhero Geocaching Component List

6 Superhero Cards       

  • Prism
  • Flex
  • PSI
  • Metronome
  • Gayle Force

24 Superhero Combat Cards

  • Prism
    • Project Images/Light Ray
    • Create Darkness/Dizzying Spectacle
    • Flash Blindness/Luminous Torrent
    • Translucence
  • Siu Nami
    • Water Wave/Ghostly Visage
    • Force Push/Typhoon Strike
    • Aqua Blast/Fog Wall
    • Intangibility
  • Flex
    • Throw Dirt/Force Push
    • Two Fisted Dive/Frighten
    • Charge/Intimidate
    • Mental Fortitude
  • PSI
    • Psionic Blast/Mind Control
    • Illusion/Disorient
    • Telekinetic Assault/Psychic Pain
    • Mimic
  • Metronome   
    • Time Lapse Strobe/Anticipate Swing
    • Life Flash/Speed Push
    • Time Surge/Slow Tackle
    • Revert Timeline
  • Gayle Force
    • Blinding Rain/Howling Rush
    • Terrifying Roar/Hail Barrage
    • Sand Storm/Wind Strike
    • Sonic Repulsion Field

12 Supervillain Combat Cards

  • Hydroform
  • Dazzle / Implant Thoughts
  • Voice of Darkness /Intense Light Ray
  • Conjure Smoke /Swirling Voices
  • Lunge Punch /High Voltage Blast
  • Vortex Breath/Bull Rush
  • Roundhouse Kick/Create Confusion
  • Pyrokenisis/Gravitation Intensity
  • Mirage/Focused Energy Pulse
  • Evil Haze/Force Field Projection
  • Astral Projections/Sweeping Leg Kick
  • Fireball/Locust Swarm

10 Villain Punchboard Squares

  • 5 Thuggles
  • Blue Supervillain 1
  • Yellow Supervillain 2
  • Orange Supervillain 3
  • Green Supervillain 4
  • Red Supervillain 5

Event Cards

  • Glowing Rock of Doom
  • Citizen Rescue
  • Schism Efflux
  • Ray of Destruction
  • Monkey Wrench
  • Reflective Energy Burst
  • Genetically Altered Villains
  • Catastrophic Chain Reaction
  • Negation Mist
  • Dr. Apephace’s Invasion
  • Neumonium Block
  • Stuff Happens
  • Dr. Apephace’s Secret Mission
  • Sub-Sonic Frequency Signal
  • Strange Light From Above!

Equipment Cards

  • Radio/Gloves of Strength
  • Golden Lariat/Lucky Amulet
  • Superhero Cape/Utility Belt
  • Duplicator/Plant Genome Beam
  • Chest Insignia/Tranquilizer Dart Gun
  • Rocket Propelled Net/Superhero Sidekick
  • Explosive Device/Jet Pack
  • Porta-Portal/Plutonium Hammer
  • Psionic Helmet/Power Crystal
  • Heat Ray Glasses/Equipment Replicator
  • Hyperoptic Googles/Summoning Light
  • Code Book/Chronos Watch
  • Superhero Shield/Orb of Confusion
  • Super Polymer Ski/Morphing Ring
  • Significant Other

6 Bingo Chips

Rule Book