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Become one of the Inca’s Regional Leaders! Expand the empire by Extending your road system, build cities to house your people and construct temples to please the gods. Sapa, “the Only One”, will only favor the leader who does the best over the empire’s four eras.

The Unique system of balancing active and supply tokens will challenge you each time you play. Designed by Alan D. Ernstein, author of the popular board game version “Inca Empire”.

    Build Your Civilization

  • Play City or Colca (storage hut) cards.

  • Build roads

  • Stock Storage Huts

  • Create Terraces for additional power in future rounds

  • Make Trade Agreements with other players

  • Use Extra Workforce cards to take special actions

  • Build Temples


Inca Placement

Each player chooses

3 of their 5 secret goal cards

to score at the end of the game. 


  Depth of Gameplay

             Multiple phases and actions each turn.

Turn order

Balance Actions between moving tokens into your active pool and building on the main board.

1 Blue Front

Two cards from each player’s hand are drafted to reduce randomness.

3 Green Back

Sacrifice actions to terrace cards increasing resources for future rounds.

2 Yellow Front

Available on August, 18 2019

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