Seriously good games

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Usurp the King

A game of intrigue, secret plans, and shifting loyalties.

The historically accurate game about the Salem Witch Trials

The fate of the world rests in your hands. The clock is your enemy and there are those among you that would see you fail!

Interrogate and disclose. You’re rarely exactly sure of what your own cards are!

CATS Box Image

Play a cat in the back yard attempting to catch, eat and steal birds. It’s a jungle out there!

The sarcastic and funny game based on actual Psychological theories!

Psychological Warfare Box Image IGA

New for 2020!

Cache Me If You Can! boardgame 4th edition. Now with battery life and health points, making a great game even better!

Go geocaching without going out in the nasty weather!

A pattern matching duel between the Sun and Moon.

A family-friendly game. Give other players the cards that you don’t want.

Become a skilled pirate and your name may live on in history.

Work your way through the modeling industry to achieve your dream.

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