OBJECT OF THE GAME:  Be the first player to earn 15 points. Points are accumulated by collecting Geocaches and Geocoins. (Short game: Play to 12).

SET UP:  There are two types of game boards in this game. The main board is called the Town. The two additional “Woods” boards are set up so that the path leading into the Woods is adjacent to one of the three trail head squares on the Town board. The trail heads are indicated by the trail signs on the Town board.

Shuffle the Caching area tiles and place face down in every space that does not have a Trail on the Woods boards. Each player starts with a playing piece, a GPS/PEN indicator card, 3 Equip Cards and a randomly drawn Character Card. The GPS/PEN, Equip cards and Character cards are placed face up in front of each player.

Each Equip card has two pieces of equipment illustrated, the player must decide which item they would like to use by placing the card in front of them with the item selected towards the game board. The card can only be flipped to change the equipment it represents at the Swag Store.


If a player should lose their GPS or PEN during play, they turn the GPS/PEN tile face down until they are able to recover it by going to the Swag or Sporting Goods Store. No caches can be taken if the player has lost their GPS or Pen.

MOVEMENT:  All players start at the Moonrise Cafe space on the Town board and may move in any direction they choose. Select a Player to go first. Turns progress in a clockwise direction. Players move up to 3 spaces per turn on the Trails and Roads. Otherwise, they only move 1 space. Once a player interacts with a space, no more movement is allowed. Players may not move their playing pieces diagonally.  If the first step out of a building or off of a Woods card is on a trail, the player may move up to three spaces.

SPORTING GOODS STORE: When players enter the Sporting Goods Store they will follow the arrows to create a custom path. Movement in the Sporting Goods Store is one space per turn. The parking lot with the Store label printed on it is treated like a trail space. You may choose some of the following actions in the Store.

Take an Equip Card:  Draw an Equip card from the deck. The player must decide which item they would like the card to represent at this time. When the Equip deck is empty, it is NOT reshuffled.

NOTE: No additional equipment is needed to take a Traditional Cache, just a Pen and GPS.

Take an Event Card: Draw a card and follow the directions. Cards fall into 3 categories – use immediately, use during your turn, or use at any time. Those that may be saved for later use may be kept face down in front of the player. Event cards that are played during a player’s turn may be played at any time during that turn. Players may still move their playing piece in a turn where an event card was played. If the conditions of the event cannot be met, the event is ignored and the card is discarded.  When the Event cards run out, the discarded Event cards are reshuffled and stacked face down.

Secretly look at Tiles: The player may “peek” at tiles in the Woods at this time. Do not let the other players see the contents of the tile.

Check Out: You pay with time in the store. Nothing happens on this space. On the following turn you may move up to three spaces on the road outside of the store.

HOSPITAL: When you are sent to the hospital you immediately place your piece on the Emergency Room Space. If you have Medical Insurance you may exit the next turn. If you do not, move your piece through the Hospital once space at a time until the exit is reached.

GEOCACHING MEGA-EVENT: The player in this square may make trade offers to any other player(s). The other player does not need to be in the Mega-Event space. Trades are voluntary and must be agreed upon by both players.

ENTERING THE WOODS: Players can enter or exit the Woods at the Trail Heads and grass spaces. Movement along the trails is up to 3 spaces at a time. As soon as a player leaves the trail they stop immediately. When a Woods tile is landed on it is flipped over (revealed). The tile is either taken by the player, replaced (replace when revealed) or left in place. If taken, replace with another tile face down underneath the player’s piece. The player must move off the piece and return on a separate turn to look at a newly placed tile. If revealed and not taken, the tile is left in the square face up and affects all players that land on it after. If another player’s piece is on the unrevealed tile when a second player lands on it, the tile only affects the second player.

If the tile is a cache that can be taken, it is placed face up in front of the player that found it, otherwise it is left in place face up on the board. The cache value will count towards the player’s total points. The player MUST have a GPS/PEN to take caches. Some caches will require additional equipment so that they can be taken. If it is a Multi-Cache, the tile is taken and placed in front of the player, but no points are awarded until all parts are collected. The Super-Multi and Multi-Cache tiles are NOT interchangeable.

Tiles that are flipped over on the caching area boards are left in place and face up: if it is a cache that requires equipment and the player doesn’t have the proper equipment/pre-requisite or the tile does not say “Replace when revealed”. A revealed tile that remains on the board still affects players that land. (A player landing on the Cliff after it has been flipped over still must go to the hospital.)

Note: The Trees, Clearing, and Rocky Ground cards have no actions associated with them (unless you’ve downloaded the bonus cards). Movement is one square at a time over those tiles. A Trail tile acts as a trail space on the board the turn after it is revealed.

GEOCOINS: When a cache with the coin icon is taken, take the top Geocoin from the Geocoin deck. Place the coin with the coin icon (1 Point) face up until its goal is completed. Once the goal condition has occurred, flip the card over and use the new value toward the player’s point total. The coin from a multi-cache can only be taken after all the caches in the series have been collected. Once a Geocoin has completed its goal, it retains the new value even if it changes hands.

THE CAVE! Caching Area Tile: When the cave tile is revealed, you have awakened the bear! The player landing on the tile and any player on any of the 8 adjacent Woods spaces immediately go to the hospital. As long as the bear is awake, no one may stop on any of the adjacent tiles.  If a player is forced on to one of those squares, they immediately go to the Hospital. A player with the Snack card may enter one of the 8 spaces (or if they or any player on one of the 8 spaces has the Snack card when the Cave tile is revealed), discard the snack card and flip the cave tile back over. This puts the bear back to sleep (they get sleepy after a meal).

PLAYING CHARACTERS: Each character has an ability that overrides a game rule. Characters may use their ability and flip a Caching area card in the same turn. The order of action is 1) Face up Caching Area Card Effects 2) Player ability 3) Poison Ivy effects 4) Flip Caching area card.

ADVANCED VICTORY CONDITIONS: The first player to reach 18 points AND end their turn while standing in the Geocaching Mega-Event square. *A player may not stand in the square to prevent a player with Poison Ivy from winning the game.


If I only wish to move two spaces along a trail in one turn, can I?  You don’t have to move at all if you don’t want to!

If I land on a Pond square and return to an unrevealed card which is also a Pond card, what do I do? In this case the player will be allowed to “side step” and move to another square.  If a player should become trapped or any rules discrepancy occurs, the player with the shortest hair is to act as the judiciary.

If I take a Cache tile from a player and it has the coin symbol on it, do I also get the coin? No, the coin has been removed from the cache.

I was able to take an Equip card from another player; can I flip the card to a more favorable piece of equipment when I take it? No, you can only flip Equip cards at the SWAG store.

Am I able to take another player’s cache that has its value doubled because it is on the Golden Ammo Can Event card? You are allowed to take the cache and the card. You also receive the double points.

While playing the Snoop, I wish to “Snoop” the piece that I am standing on top of, can I do that? No, you can only “snoop” adjacent cards. Sometimes you don’t see what is right in front of you.

Another player reaches 15 points to win the game (Basic Victory Condition). I want to take the winning player’s cache to reduce their number of points so they don’t win. Can I do that? No, with the basic victory condition, the game ends as soon as any player reaches 15 points. You can do this with the Advanced Victory Conditions.

During someone else’s turn, I realized that I have met the goal of one of my Geocoins, can I flip it over as soon as I discover the mistake? No, you must wait until your turn.

Why are there two blank cards? To allow you to be creative and make your own Woods tiles.

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Game Design by Dan Hundycz   Development by Marty DeMarte and Dallas Hoag    Rulebook Editing by: Rachel Weaver                      

Illustrated by Courtney Boulton  Town Buildings by Dale Stevens                             

Playtesters: Brad Weaver, Rachel Weaver, Daniel Cole, Kahlin Weaver, and “The Bee Hive”.

Cache Me If You Can! Rulebook copyright © 2013 by DPH Games. All art copyright © 2013 by DPH Games. All rights reserved. Version 2.0 (August, 2014). Cache Me if You Can! is a registered Trademark of DPH Games 2013



When you steal coins or are “showered with money”, do the players give you the coin THEY want to give you, or do you get to choose which coin you take? Or is it a random “luck of the draw“? If the card says that you TAKE a coin, you choice the coin. So, it could be one that already has greater value. When you GIVE a coin, the player losing the coin chooses. Someone can GIVE the -5 coin… it is -5 when passed.

How does the Map Tile work? When you land on the Map Tile, all of the tiles around it are revealed. The Map tile stays on the board. Any tile that is revealed that states to “Replace when Revealed” is immediately replaced. Each time a player lands on the Map tile, the tiles around it are revealed. Map Tile House Rule: If you would rather, you can make a house rule to play the Map Tile as follows. The player landing on the Map tile may “peek” at the 8 tiles around it and then replace the Map Tile with another, face down, Tile.

What is the Check Out space in the store and when I leave the store do I move 1 space or up to 3?   Instead of paying with money, you pay with time. Check out takes up a turn. When you leave the store you can use your trail/road movement… so up to 3 spaces without the Sneakers.