Type: Tabletop / Strategy

Publisher: DPH Games

Design: Dan Hundycz

Development: Carl Schopfer, Emily Hafler, Jesse Gardner, Simon Reid, Julian Stam, Carly Cook, Michael Steffens, Patrick Perl, Ken Yentzer.

Art: Lissanne Lake

MSRP: $29.95

Players: 2-4

Age: 10 and up

Playing Time: 60 Min

Release Date: July 2017

Custom Meeples!

The hysteria over witches  among the people of Salem swept the region like a disease in 1692. As is the case in any tragic event, there are those whom will use the circumstances to their advantage. Under the veil of the witch-hunt lie other motivations; power, greed, revenge and righteousness.

AFFLICTION is a game set in the hysteria of a witch-hunt. Use your influence to whisper in the ear of the magistrate, judge, governor or minister to protect some and have others arrested. Salem was a chance to gain property, exact revenge and prove one’s righteousness.

This is the one witch-hunting game without witches!

AFFLICTION is a more authentic experience of the events surrounding Salem Massachusetts 1692. The 41 colonists in the game are the people that were connected to the witch trials. The tension between Village and Town, the resentment between families, accusing and arresting would be witches, and seizing property from those arrested are all rewarded.

You will play a faction within the town or village of Salem, using influence to bring colonists into your circle. You may also use that influence to ask the Governor to protect individuals, for the Magistrate to arrest others, the Judge to help you to become more influential or Cotton Mather to spread suspicion.

AFFLICTION: Salem 1692 is a “worker placement” game. Each player will vie for limited actions each turn. After actions are selected, influence is “spent” to affect the community of Salem.

There is also an engine building component and an engine disruption feature. These mechanics allow for a much more interactive experience than most games of this type.

What comes in the game box?