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We are slotting LAS for 2018. There are a couple of reasons that this has taken so long.LEGACY AT SEA,ever happened legacy sea

Back Burner: The major obstacle in getting this game made was the inclusion of plastic miniature ships. The expense of creating the mold would have been 1/4 of the entire expense of the first order. We decided to go ahead and focus on Affliction: Salem 1692 instead. As a result of that experience, we discovered that we can inexpensively make large ship meeples which will serve the same purpose as the miniature ships (as a marker that the ship tile had taken its action this round).

The Gate of R’yleh came along and people have been going nuts about this game. We are a small company and only have so many resources (mainly playtesters and developers) to devote to each game. The popularity of this game led us to push it ahead of Legacy at Sea.

Not that we don’t still get asked about LAS. At some of the local cons we have been questioned, “Why hasn’t this game come out? We’ve been talking about it for the last year!” WOW.

More Testing and Balancing: LAS is not a highly complicated game, but there are a fair number of pieces. Having them all interact in a balanced manner is important. As we have modified certain rules, the effect of Key Event cards and other elements was effected (essentially meaning we had to start over with testing the balance of those things).

To that end, we are fortunate to have Ryan Andryshak come on board and help with the development of the rulebook and the components that convey critical information. There have been a few nagging wonky interactions in the game that we needed to address, with Ryan’s help, I am confident that we will! (some have been already)


The short answer is “We haven’t forgotten about LAS :)”


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