Type: Tabletop / Strategy

Publisher: DPH Games

Design: Dan Hundycz

Development: Carl Schopfer, Emily Hafler, Matt “Waz” Waschezyn, Simon Reid, Julian Stam, Alex Strassburg, Alex White

MSRP: $49.95

Players: 1-4

Age: 10 and up

Playing Time: 90 Minutes

Release Date:  2018

Unemployment is high. European oversight is sparse. Merchant vessels are transporting lucrative goods through the Caribbean. The conditions are set for the Golden Age of Piracy. Given few options, many chose a life of plunder and strife. But alas, life aboard a sailing ship is anything but easy. Cramped quarters, storms, rats and infested food, most will be lucky to survive. A few may even find fortune. Be skilled and your name may live on in history.

In Legacy at Sea, you will play the role of a pirate captain during the Golden Age of Piracy. Choose and modify your ships to accumulate gold and build your reputation.

Legacy at Sea is currently in development. The artwork pictured is generally the final product. The graphic design is not. Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page to stay informed.

Features of Legacy at Sea

  • Actions are resolved by sector, not by player – Commanders stay involved in the game. No long pauses between turns.
  • Upgrade your ships –  You may add cannon, crew, officers, and specialists.
  • Key Event Cards – Each card adds a story element of the game. Your choices will affect your reputation and how the foreign powers view you.
  • 6 Scenario – Add re-play and a different experience each time you play.
  • Opportunity Cards – Provide each player with a choice of short term goals.
  • Ruthlessness – Increase your odds of success… and of retailation from the European nations.
  • Guile – Use the wind to your advantage. Some Merchant Captains may be wise to your trickery and fire upon you before you can board their ship.

Each round players will choose one of four actions. Sail, Patrol, Plunder, or Attack. Larger Merchant Ships and Treasure Ships will be heavily defended and more difficult to take. Do you risk it or attempt to build up your reputation by picking off smaller ships?

This is a medium level difficulty game. Giving you a representative experience without bogging you down in details. However, the choices you make and lady luck will determine which pirates will ultimately prevail.


The nationality and ship type are listed at the top of the card in the header bar.  The panels above the name plate contain information about the ship’s defenses and maneuverability. Below the name plate is a collection of what is taken if the ship is successfully plundered.
In the upper left-hand corner is the wind gauge. The wind will determine which of two ships with the same maneuverability will execute their orders first. 

The cannon icon represents how much firepower the ship has in attacks.
The crew icon represents how much crew is available to plunder other ships.
The sailing ship icon represents the maneuverability of the ship.
The cargo boxes represent how much cargo can be carried on this ship and how much damage the ship can take before sinking.


  • 43 Ship at Sea Cards (Includes Key Event Cards)
  • 7 Scenario Cards
  • 22 Opportunies Cards
  • 12 Warship Cards
  • 8 Captain Cards
  • 12 2-sided Pirate Ships
  • 12 Wooden Meeple Ships
  • 2 d6  dice
  • 1 d10 die
  • Anchor Disk
  • 1 Main Game Mat
  • 4 Hideout Play Mats
  • Large Attack/Specialist Reference card
  • Tokens – 8 Captain, 24 Damage, 8 Specialists, 8 Officer, 40 Coins, 15 Supply, 8 Cannon, 8 Crew, 8 Guile/Ruthlessness, 12 English/Spanish Favor, and 10 Rumor.